The Forgotten English Calendar

Just as it has been for the past two decades, this page-a-day calendar is a lively review of misplaced expressions, customs and cultural oddities retrieved from the shrubberies of time—your opportunity to keep up with the past. This year’s edition contains gowpenfuls (double handfuls) of terms that would be flagged by Spell-Check, such as trollibags (the intestines), doggerybaw (nonsense), toesmithing (dancing), padinoddy (embarrassment), and gutterblood (a local relative). These titillating morsels of defunct English and folklore were carefully gathered from more than 300 remarkable source books.

Here you can read about Paris’s surprisingly comfortable Bastille, ridiculous American liquor laws, and strange holidays like England’s Kissing Friday, all of which disappeared down Alice’s rabbit-hole long ago. You’ll also find hilarious anecdotes and engaging quotes from Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and Winston Churchill, to name a few, along with short biographies and curious saints and their patronages. Discover the origin of the sandwich, the closing of the English theater by the Puritans, and polka history. Vintage line drawings and photos accompany this cornucopia, which makes a great gift.

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